Do Your House Needs Restumping Services?

Most of the houses have a foundation of stumps. Earlier, wooden stumps were mainly used, but in recent years, concrete and steel stumps have become popular. This is because the timber wood used to make stumps only lasts for 20 to 80 years depending on their quality. On the other hand, the concrete or the steel stumps last for a longer span of time. Additionally, concrete and steel stumps are stronger as well as durable.

Most of the old houses these days are now going for the restumping process in order to make their house more durable. If you find any issue in the stumps of your house, then it is the right time to get the restumping process done, as rotten stumps can cause risk to your house. In fact, you should get an annual checkup of the leveling of your house done.

It is important to know the right time when your house needs the reblocking services. Now, there are various factors that determine the fact that whether the stumps of your house need restumping or not. Some common changes in the house may help you in this.

Following are some points which may help you to decide whether reblocking or restumping is needed or not:

  • Keep a regular check on the doors and the windows of your house. Crooked doors or windows can be a sign of issues in the stumps.
  • There may be some significant cracks on the walls of your house, which can’t be ignored. These cracks tell that the stumps of your house need replacement.
  • If the floors of your house seem to get uneven with time, they show that there may be some problem with the stumps as well.
  • One of the most significant sign is sloping away of permanent brick based structures present in the house, for example- fireplaces. This is due to the rottening of the timber based stumps.

After observing the above-mentioned signs, here is what you can do to check the condition of the stumps:

  • First of all, you will have to get under the house and scrape away the dirt to between 5 and 10 centimeters below in order to check the condition of the wood.
  • Often, the stumps are rotten.  Sometimes, stumps aren’t rotten but may have simply moved with gravity. This may also cause cracks in the walls, windows, and doors. In this condition, it is best to go to an expert for some advice.
  • These days, people who have knowledge about the common DIYs can do the restumping process by themselves, if only a few stumps need replacement.

On the other hand, if there is a need of reblocking with the entire set of stumps, it is always advised to get professional help. They can suggest you the best solutions and can perform the work in a day or two. And, your home becomes a safer place to live in as well.